We offer a variety of yoga styles to meet all interests and abilities:

Ashtanga Asthanga Yoga is based on a set sequence of yoga poses (asanas) which was developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. This challenging, vigorous practice focuses on the synchronization of breath with the continuous flow of movement. Participants move through a series of asanas, jumping from one posture to another — building heat, endurance, flexibility, strength and mental focus.


Vinyasa This is an alignment based Vinyasa class open to all levels. Breath and movement are synchronized to build heat, stimulate the nervous system and revitalize the body and mind. We offer modifications for beginners and options to challenge more advanced practitioners.


Focus A class for enhanced strength, balance, and inner awareness. Recommended for all levels. Beginning and advanced students explore the intricacies of poses to discover a body-mind awakening.


Radiant A vigorous vinyasa flow focusing on backbends, inversions, and arm balances. This class is intended to challenge and motivate your yoga practice. Recommended for those with a basic yoga foundation; however, all poses can be modified for beginners, or for those with injuries or pre-existing conditions.



CoreoBarre Ballet workout taught by professionally trained ballet dancers. We will use the ballet barre to sculpt the legs (including calves), buttocks and abdominals. 50 minute class.


Coreography® The art of designing sequences of fun, energetic movements utilizing a wooden stick to challenge, strengthen, and reinforce the core muscles. It combines ballet moves, yoga stretches and pilates grooves. It guarantees tons of fun, one sweaty workout and a thank you note from your core.


COMING SOON! Aerial Yoga