Nomi Pilates was founded in 2004 with the first studio in Sunny Isles Miami Beach.  Voted 2009 Best Place to acquire a Beach Body, come in and let Nomi Pilates show you how to move “Bio mechanically” correct with intention and mindfulness. Nomi Pilates proudly boasts highly skilled Instructors in anatomy, movement, and extensive “classical” and Polestar, Stott, and other various methods.

Designed in the early 1900’s by Joseph H. Pilates, Pilates is a system of controlled precise movements which bio-mechanically re-trains all the muscles of your body for optimal bone strengthening alignment and posture.

Pilates uses spring resistance to help develop muscular power, endurance, and proper movement along with strengthening the “core.”  The “core” or “powerhouse” refers to a group of muscles and tissue around the crucial area of the lower trunk and hips.  This group includes the lower spine, sacrum, pelvis, and femurs.  Strengthening the muscles that attach to these areas, such as the abdominals, psoas, spinal erectors and glutes, is necessary to stabilize and control this “core” area.  Since the core is the foundation of all movement (kind of like a starfish, where all movement radiates out from the center), any weakness, instability or dysfunction can cause minor to severe strain and discomfort throughout the entire body.

It is not uncommon for the NOMI Pilates team to send a “body” home with a foam roller, a spine corrector, and corrective tips so that a client can improve their balance, movement and overall mind body awareness.

Safe, effective and tailored for each different body, NOMI Pilates not only teaches state of the art movement but invests in the body, mind and soul. Transform in the ethereal, energetic space and meet an amazing team who will not only train you in movement, but give you the skills to become more functional, aware, and NOMI Pilates!




Naomi Weyrowski
Naomi, one of a set of triplets, was born in Rehovot, Israel and raised in Kingston, Jamaica with her mother’s family until settling in Miami. In Miami, she attended middle and high school before heading to Florida State University. Following a car accident and her grandmother’s battle with cancer in 2000, Naomi found comfort and rehabilitation with Pilates. She put her English degree on hold and followed her intuition and passion to New York learning gyrotonics, studying with the elders and learning all modalities and techniques that Pilates had to offer, including training with mentors under Romana Kryzanowski. Upon opening her own space in 2004, Naomi knew she had a gift and energy, and could harness that with the Pilates method. Her studio has hosted many certifications and trainings through the years, and has hosted teachers such as Mejo Wiggins and Bridget Hagood.

Her pro bono work within the community and generous support for breast cancer, diabetes, and Mystic Force Kids with Cancer Foundation has earned her a place of respect and love from all who know her. Many who started with Naomi the first week she opened are still with her today! A dancer and artist from an early age, Naomi sparks motivation and creativity within her practice and continues to educate and grow spiritually for the wellbeing of her studio, clients, peers and community. Naomi is currently working towards a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology at Florida International University Spring of 2018.

Naomi trains a variety of patients from athletes to sedentary office workers at a computer all day, to older elderly adults, and clientele with chronic and complex conditions. She is experienced in treating a number of conditions including pre- and post-surgical intervention, musculoskeletal injuries, occupational injuries, spine and joint pain. Naomi’s background in Exercise Science, helps utilize her comprehensive knowledge and skills to promote injury prevention and rehabilitation through quality movement with proper professional methods. Naomi holds an MS in Exercise Science & Kinesiology with a Bachelors in Sports Fitness. Naomi is NCSF certified and NPCP certified.